About Hannah

Hannah Camacho is a Pacific Northwest based artist and illustrator who specializes in creative art direction, merch design, cover art, photography and storyboarding.

Sketching up interesting illustrations is my jam. If you need them fast, even better. Hit me up - let's talk. 

P.S. I host a podcast called Basic Brainheart. It exists to demystify the creative process. I mostly talk to people who are way smarter than me about how they've managed to develop ninja skills within their creative discipline. If you need to fill your ears, eavesdrop away. 

Reach out to me at machosgirl [at] gmail [dot] com to talk about the project you have in mind. 

Musicians I've had the honor of creating for/with:

- Bülow

- Unsecret

- Tedy

- Neoni

- DJ Famba


Companies I've had the pleasure of working with:

- Sony Music Entertainment Canada

- Universal Music Group Canada

- Wax Records

- Unsecret Music

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